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Why we should embrace our hair envy(4)
It is true to say then that hair styles have been used to differentiate us from others, be it on a national or individual scale. It is a practice that for centuries has allowed us to be distinctive. So, in a time where its not compulsory to follow the tribe, get down to your local salon and embrace your individuality!
Why we should embrace our hair envy(3)
As humans, we have been obsessed with our hairdos since we as a race began. In the early Middle Ages, Kings of Europe were allowed to wear their hair long, whereas the poor had their hair cut with knives to stop the spread of disease. In Ancient Egypt, noblemen clipped their hair close to the head to denote power. The Greeks and Romans adorned their hair with powdered gold; the native peoples of North America wore headbands, coloured cloth and feathers in their hair and donned ornate headdresses.
Why we should embrace our hair envy?(2)
Hair horror stories can cost hundreds to fix, so why do we have the inane urge to defy our god given locks? Some would say its human nature to want what we cannot have. To stand out, a drastically different style can make a great impact, and a Harvard study released in 2003 showed that having the hair cut we desire can lower blood pressure and increase serotonin levels, making a simple haircut the remedy for stress and image issues, and increase confidence and positivity. Much like a new wardrobe, a new hairstyle can help us shape our identity – something no other physical feature can do so easily. First impressions can be very important, so if the woman in front of you in the waiting room for that crucial interview has curls to put Julia Roberts; Pretty Woman locks to shame, or could rival Jennifer Aniston;s straight, flicked tresses, then the mane conflict is sure to kick in.
Why we should embrace our hair envy(1)
hen I was younger, I looked like one of those tiny tots you see in films with angelic curls and rosy cheeks. But as I got older, I found that I hit the hair wall that many people approach as appearances (ahen I was younger, I looked like one of those tiny tots you see in films with angelic curls and rosy cheeks. But as I got older, I found that I hit the hair wall that many people approach as appearances (and the opposite sex) became importantnd the opposite sex) became important. Hair envy is something we all are guilty of at one time or another. Wavy locks are straightened on ironing boards, jet black hair is chopped and bleached until its orange, and most of us have found ourselves sporting an undesirable Bonnie Tylers style perm at one time or another.
At Home Hair Treatment
Egg Hair Treatment Probably the most common hair treatment prepared at home. You should throw an entire egg over your hair (for those of you with oily hair, just the egg white) and let the mask sit for 20 minutes. The egg's enzymes will clean both your locks and scalp, while the yolk will moisturize and add shine to your hair. In the end, make sure you rinse with cool water.
Avocado Hair Mask
Avocado Hair Mask Another great at home hair conditioning treatment is this avocado mask. Avocado has also good essential fats and is good for nourishing your hair. You should take one avocado (just the pit and the skin) and add a little bit of olive oil (2 tbs). Mash these two ingredients together very well and take the mixture into the bathroom. Shampoo your hair, rinse and add the mixture in your hair and wrap it afterwards with a steamed towel. Let the mask sit until the towel cools and then rinse well.
Honey Hair Treatment
Honey Hair Treatment This is a great home hair treatment for dry hair. Every fall dry hair tends to break so you should prevent it. You should apply honey (½ cup) on your wet hair and let it sit for 20 minutes. Also, wrap your hair with a steamed towel and once the time elapses, just rinse with warm water. This way, the treatment will provide the necessary moisture for this time of the year.
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse If your hair tends to be lifeless, you should mix two cups of apple cider vinegar plus 10 drops of essential oil (for example, tea tree, if you have dandruff) and then leave the mixture to sit for at least 2 days. After that, mix a ½ tbs of the treatment with one cup of water and apply the mixture on your hair, right after shampooing. Wrap your hair in a towel afterwards and let it dry. The vinegar will make your hair feel softer.
Yogurt or Sour Cream Hair Treatment
Yogurt or Sour Cream Hair Treatment You should use plain yogurt because it has great enzymes and lactic acid that will moisturize both your hair and scalp. So, all you have to do is to mix ½ cup of plain yogurt or sour cream an pour the mixture onto your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse it with warm water followed by a lot of cool water to make it look shinier.
At Home Hair Treatment(Beer Rinse)
At Home Hair Treatment Beer Rinse Just pour a room temperature pint of beer over your hair, if you want great shiny hair. The malt also helps clean your scalp and the barley gives your tresses an amazing shine.
'skin care' look pretty without makeup(2)
Moreover, you should never be afraid to smile. It has been proven: smiling can distract other’s attention from your flaws. It really does not matter if you’re wearing braces, as long as you keep your teeth clean. Never stop smiling, who knows, you can brighten somebody’s bad day. In the end, you should not forget about accessories. We would suggest some nice hair clips and headbands or even personalizing your school bag with pin badges or key rings. There are tons from which you can choose in gift shops. All you need is a little imagination.
'skin care' look pretty without makeup(1)
'skin care' look pretty without makeup You don’t know how to look prettier without applying eyeshadow or lipstick? Nothing simpler. You should start with the basics: skin care. There’s nothing more beautiful that a well rested person. So you should make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and drink up to 5 glasses of water (approximately 1 ½ liters). Make sure you do so, and you will see some improvement regarding those dark circles around your eyes. Also, make sure that your eyebrows are in good condition. If you have over plucked your brows, you should moisturize the area with some olive oil and use some eyebrow pencil to even them out. Then focus on your hair! Check out different hairstyles and see which works for you. Why not experimenting one day with high ponytails, the second with buns or side plaits? You will look different and will feel amazing, full of joy and pretty! Another great tip is to take care of your finger nails. They should be groomed and always cleaned. If your nails are uneven, you should get a file and start filing in one direction across the actual nail. This way, you will make your nails smoother and they would not be damaged. Apply some clear nail varnish that will make your hands sparkle. Furthermore, pick nice clothes to wear to school every day. Find out which color suits you best, based on your eyes or hair color. Try not to choose shiny fabrics since you are going to school, and not to a party. Probably one of the biggest mistakes is not having a good posture. You should walk with your back straight and your head up. This way you will show confidence and you will look great.
5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing(5)

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing

Step 5 Avoid touching and pricking with your fingers

It becomes a habit of some people to touch or prick the ingrown hair even after wax. This leads to transferring of bacteria on the skin and leads to redness and other skin allergies. So avoid touching the waxed area and if you want to check then use a mirror not your hands.

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing(4)

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing

Step 4 Apply a hydrocortisone cream

Whenever you see the formation of bumps on the waxed area then apply a hydrocortisone cream on it. The small bumps that come up after waxing are generally ingrown hairs or small irritation bumps, so applying a hydrocortisone cream to the affected area will help to decrease the skin irritation and redness.

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing(3)

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing

Step 3 Use astringent

After waxing, the astringent lotion should be used. In case you are looking for natural astringents then you can use witch hazel as it has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents any type of breakout on the skin. Skin experts further stated that they should douse a cotton ball with astringent and dab it on the freshly waxed area to keep it cool and prevent any type of skin allergies.

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing(2)

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing

Step 2 Use Clean and fresh utensils

Make sure that the utensils used for wax are clean and fresh. This is because of the fact that when some of the utensils are used again without washing then it increases the chances of bacteria transmission and leads to breakouts. So,ensure clean utensils in a salon and sterilize al if you are waxing at your home. Use disposable wax strips and clean the spatula before each use.

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing(1)

 Step 1 Exfoliate your skin

The first step to prevent breakout is to exfoliate your skin with a good exfoliating scrub before waxing. It helps to remove any dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the skin which when stays in the skin at the time of wax leads to breakouts and skin allergies. The skin also becomes smooth after exfoliation in case you don’t have any exfoliating scrub then one can be made at home by just mixing sugar with water and the paste should be used for massage on the skin.

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing

5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts After Waxing

Waxing is one of the most common method used by females to remove hair on different parts of the body. But with waxing, some women face occasional breakout after waxing. These breakouts can be due to bacteria,inflammation and irritation on the skin. Waxing, like tweezing, hurts but the pain occurs while using wax strips.But still waxing is a better method than cream hair removers as there’s no smell and less chances of any nasty red rashes. Also it gives you a bonus as your legs or bikini line aren’t left full of scars and cuts like that happens in the case of the occasional aftermath of shaving.

Waxing in some cases leads to redness, skin irritation and allergies and these can be prevented easily by just following some easy steps. Some of the steps that help to prevent this problem before and after going through this treatment are discussed in later paragraphs:

Wedding Day Beauty Supplies(2)

Wedding Day Beauty Supplies(2)


Liquid Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner smudges easily and doesn’t create that defined look liner should. With liquid eyeliner, you’ll get long lasting, perfect lines. Some people stay away from liquid liners because of the precision they require, but this liquid liner comes in a pen applicator and makes application simple.

Lip Stain

Unless you know all of the tricks, wearing lipstick proves no easy feat. Instead, try lip stain. Much more enduring, lip stain will stay on your lips and only on your lips. While most beauty companies have a line of lip stains, Maybelline’s Superstay 24 Color has 30 different hues!
Oil blotting sheets

Dancing the night away comes with sweaty or oily skin. Wiping this dampness off can wipe your makeup off along with it. Eliminate shine with these oil-absorbing sheets. Each individual sheet soaks up moisture without ruining your makeup.

Wedding Day Beauty Supplies

Wedding Day Beauty Supplies

No bride wants runny mascara when they meet their groom down the aisle. We all know beauty products don’t always do exactly what we want. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of must-have beauty supplies that make this process a little simpler.
Makeup Setting Spray
A long night of crying, dancing, drinking and laughing can mean only one thing… messy makeup. Used by the Disney Princess’s, themselves, this stuff has durability. Setting Spray serves as the finishing product to keep all your other makeup in place. Just close your eyes and spray.

Promoting a Cosmetology Career(2)
Social interactions start directly at the work place. Managing clients at beauty salons is pure teamwork. It is important to avoid any conflicts or friction at the work place. Sorting out issues amicably helps maintain calm and the team stays lively and motivated. Take care to ensure that all cosmetology services are client-centric. The more respected, comfortable and satisfied the client feels, the more regular the visits. Cosmetology career options are set to be more rewarding, as personal appearance sector is expected to grow nearly 20 % by 2018.
Promoting a Cosmetology Career(1)
Even the best of products and services need promotion. Success in a cosmetology career depends on marketing the services, studying competition, pricing services competitively as well as improving the quality and range of services. Networking with peers, establishing business relations with other salons and spas form an essential part of promoting a cosmetology business or service. Business cards come in quite handy when marketing cosmetology services.
Tips for a Successful & Rewarding Cosmetology Career(2)
It is important to keep pace with the ever-evolving beauty industry, to stay ahead of competition. Getting to know the latest developments in one’s line of work and honing personal skills accordingly is a must to be successful. Dedication is another aspect that needs attention. This is especially applicable for those who work part-time. It is never wise to leave a work place when on a timed shift, simply because there aren’t any appointments scheduled. Using the spare time to catch up on some learning, assisting others on the job, or even being a silent spectator will help pick up several practical tips.
Tips for a Successful & Rewarding Cosmetology Career(1)
Tips for a Successful & Rewarding Cosmetology Career Being on time for an appointment is an absolute must. In fact, getting there early will allow time to sort out all necessary cosmetics and implements, keep the work station clean and prepared. Time is precious! Personal problems are best left outside the work station. Clients walking in for a beauty treatment are there for some quality treatment and relaxation. Making sure that the place is calm, refreshing, and the service discreet and courteous, will help set the right ambience. Professional grooming is an essential part of personal improvement. Being dressed suitably, conversing in an appropriate tone and polite language, attentive listening are all characteristics of a professional cosmetologist.
Golden Rules for a Successful Career in Cosmetology
Cosmetology offers wide career options with aspirants choosing to specialize in one more aspects of enhancing personal appearance, spanning skin care, hair care as well as caring for nails. Cosmetology careers often demand flexibility and patience, as they are client-oriented and the appointments are based on the convenience of the clients. Cosmetologists employed in spas, resorts, beauty salons usually work part-time, while the self-employed mostly work long hours to cater to the requests of their clients.
Basic Hair Color Guide(3)

Using Baliage

The baliage is a type of hair coloring on which each strand of hair in a specific area of the scalp are hand-painted. Though this type of hair styling is not as popular, it can really give the hair a natural look which can really be pleasing to the eye.

Using these popular terminologies listed in this small, hair color guide can help anyone better connect with the fashion world, especially in hair styling. One must remember that hair color can add beauty to one’s personality but if not expertly done, it can be a real fashion nightmare. We at Avalon School of Cosmetology offer affordable salon services, if you would like to get your hair colored by an expert, visit us in one of our campuses.

Basic Hair Color Guide(2)

The Demi-permanent Color

This type of color is perfect for covering up gray patches of hair. The formulation for this type of hair coloring has peroxide but doesn’t have any ammonia. Also, this type of hair color is effective in darkening hair, rather than making it lighter.

The Permanent Color

This coloring is excellent for completely changing the color of gray patches of hair in the scalp. The formulation of this coloring has peroxide and ammonia, which makes the color last until the hair completely, grows out.

The Glossing or Glazing Color

Glossing or Glazing is applying a semi-permanent color to the hair in order to slightly darken it. This type of hair coloring does not replace the color of the hair but only uses a darker shade of the natural color of hair to increase its tonality. This type of hair color needs to be reapplied after a few weeks.

Basic Hair Color Guide

In the fashion world, coloring one’s hair can be more complicated than is seems. For a person having his or her hair colored can be intimidating, especially if one doesn’t know the fashion terms of hair stylists. This article will give a basic hair color guide and terminologies used and understood by hair stylists everywhere.

The Semi-permanent Color

As the name suggest saying to salon to use a semi-permanent to color one’s hair means the use of coloring agent with less ammonia and peroxide. This will color the hair but will gradually fade through time. Using a semi-permanent color is often said to be the least damaging for the hair.

Bananen als Beauty-Wunder(3)

6.Geheimtipp gegen Augenringe
Mediziner sind sich sicher, dass der Verzehr von Bananen auch gegen die unschönen Ringe unter den Augen hilft. Augenringe deuten außerdem auf einen Kalium-Mangel an.

Auch die Schale der Banane hat einiges zu bieten. Vor dem zu Bett gehen die Schale wie ein Peeling auf das Gesicht reiben und in der Früh abwaschen. Diese Behandlung sollte man eine Woche lang wiederholen und die kleinen Unreinheiten sollten verschwunden sein, die Haut wird sich weniger gereizt fühlen.

8. Weiche Füße
Trockene Hornhaut lässt sich nach einem ausgiebigen Fußbad auch mit einer Banane wieder mit Feuchitgkeit versorgen. Resultat: Streichelzarte Fußsohlen.

Bananen als Beauty-Wunder(2)

3.Hilfe bei ausgetrockneten Haaren
Ähnlich wie die Gesichtsmaske wirkt die Banane auch als Haarmaske. Die Öle und das Kalium in der Frucht wirken Wunder bei trockenen Haaren. Eine Mischung aus zwei Bananen, einer Avocado und einbisschen Joghurt als "Haarkur" auftragen und nach 20 Minuten gründlich ausspülen - besser und gesünder als jeder Conditioner.

Die gleiche Mischung hilft auch gegen Fältchen anzukämpfen, denn das in Bananen und Avocados enthaltene Vitamin E ist bekannt dafür Faltenentstehung vorzubeugen.

5.Abgestorbene Hautschuppen wegpeelen
Eine wöchentliche Maske aus einer Banane, Haferbrei und Kokosnussmilch hilft der Haut geschmeidig zu bleiben. Der Haferbrei ist nicht so aggressiv zur Haut wie  Zucker, die Kokosnussmilch wird der Haut einen gesunden Glanz verleihen.

Bananen als Beauty-Wunder

Wenn Sie beobachten wie die ein oder anderen Banane zuhause seit Tagen im Obstkorb herumliegt und nicht gegessen werden will, gibt es zahlreiche Möglichektien sie für eine spontane Beauty-Behandlung zu nützen, die nicht schaden kann!

Die gelbe Frucht eignet sich bestens für hausgemachte Beauty-Rezepte und ist außerdem eine gesunde Quelle an Vitamin A,B,C und E, sowie Mienralien wie Zink und Eisen.  Eine Gescihtsmaske aus Bananen mag zwar nicht besonders lecker aussehen doch die Haut wird es ihr danken. Hier acht Tipps, was sich aus Bananen für Haut & Haare machen lässt!

1. Feuchtigkeitsspender
Die Haut bleibt trotz Cremes und viel Wasser trinken trocken und matt? Eine Banane kann wudner wirken. Einfach eine Banane mit einer Gabel zu einer breiigen Masse verühren und 15-20 Minuten auf der Haut lassen. Augenpartie aussparen, mit lauwarmem Wasser abwaschen und mit kaltem Wasser abschließen. Die trockene Haut wird sich schnell geschmeidiger fühlen.

2. Weg mit öliger Haut
Eine Banane mit zwei Teelöffeln Zitronensaft vermischen und wie eine Maske aufs Gesicht auftragen. Die Säure aus dem Zitronensaft entzieht der Haut überschüssiges Öl, während das Vitamin C aus der Banane die Ölproduktion kontrolliert.

Austrian Hairdressing Awards 2013

Bereits zum siebten Mal werden heuer - am 27. Oktober 2013, in der METAStadt, Wien - die talentiertesten Friseure des Landes mit den begehrten Austrian Hairdressing Awards gekürt. Neben den angesagtesten und inspirierendsten Kreationen, die unter den Scheren, Farbpinseln und Kämmen der aufstrebendsten Talente unter dem österreichischen Friseurhimmel geschaffen wurden, erwartet die Gäste ein strahlender Galaabend mit fulminantem Showprogramm und eine unvergessliche Aftershowparty mit allen Nominierten und Gewinnern.

Both kinds of selection pressures may have shaped our perceptions of facial beauty.

  What makes a face attractive and why do we have the preferences we do?

  Emergence of preferences early in development and cross-cultural agreement on attractiveness challenge a long-held view that our preferences reflect arbitrary standards of beauty set by cultures. Averageness, symmetry, and sexual dimorphism are good candidates for biologically based standards of beauty. A critical review and meta-analyses indicate that all three are attractive in both male and female faces and across cultures. Theorists have proposed that face preferences may be adaptations for mate choice because attractive traits signal important aspects of mate quality, such as health. Others have argued that they may simply be by-products of the way brains process information. Although often presented as alternatives, I argue that both kinds of selection pressures may have shaped our perceptions of facial beauty

Insights about beauty

One famous person once said that “the appearance was the sign of the spiritual.” That was no wander for his contend. Because  we  will  receive  the  initial  impression  from  the appearance  and  get  some  information  through  our  judgment.
Beauty kind truth have become the purist of the    human race .It is hard to say that we like appearance was the “skin deep”. Sometimes, this state just suggests we hope the good virtue as well as the outlook.
So we should weigh and consider the appearance. And hold a right attitude to the people’s appearance.
It is unequal for some beauty when they gain some achievement by their effort, however, someone deny their actually ability and just consider that their success that belong to appearance. 

There are many options to adorn the hair

There are many options to adorn and arrange the hair. Hairpins, clasps, barrettes, headbands, ribbons, rubber bands, scrunchies, and combs can be used to achieve a variety of styles. There are also many decorative ornaments that, while they may have clasps to affix them to the hair, are used solely for appearance and do not aid in keeping the hair in place. In India for example, the Gajra (flower garland) is common there are heaps on hairstyles.

Hair styling is a major world industry

Hair styling is a major world industry, from the salon itself to products, advertising, and even magazines on the subject. In the United States, most hairstylists are licensed after obtaining training at a cosmetology or beauty school.
In recent years, competitive events for professional stylists have grown in popularity. Stylists compete on deadline to create the most elaborate hairstyle using props, lights and other fantastic accessories.

Major advancements in hairdressing tools took place during 20th century

Major advancements in hairdressing tools took place during 20th century. Electricity led to the development of permanent wave machines and hair dryers. These tools allowed hairdressers to promote visits to their salons, over limited service in-home visits. New coloring processes were developed, including those by Eugene Schueller in Paris, which allowed hairdressers to perform complicated styling techniques. After World War I, the bob cut and the shingle bob became popular, alongside other short haircuts. In the 1930s complicated styles came back into fashion, alongside the return of the Marcel wave. Hairdressing was one of the few acceptable professions during this time for women, alongside teaching, nursing and clerical work.

Beauty salons became popularized during the 20th century
Beauty salons became popularized during the 20th century, alongside men's barbershops. These spaces served as social spaces, allowing women to socialize while having their hair done and other services such as facials. Wealthy women still had hairdressers visit their home, but, the majority of women visited salons for services, including high-end salons such as Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Salon.
About French hairdresser
French hairdresser Marcel Grateau developed the "Marcel wave" in the late part of the century. His wave required the use of a special hot hair iron and needed to be done by an experienced hairdresser. Fashionable women asked to have their hair "marceled." During this period, hairdressers began opening salons in cities and towns, led by Martha Matilda Harper, who developed one of the first retail chains of hair salons, the Harper Method.
Parisian hairdressers
Parisian hairdressers continued to develop influential styles during the early 1800s. Wealthy French women would have their favorite hairdressers style their hair from within their own homes, a trend seen in wealthy international communities. Hairdressing was primarily a service affordable only to those wealthy enough to hire professionals or to pay for servants to care for their hair. In the United States, Marie Laveau was one of the most famous hairdressers of the period. Laveau, located in New Orleans, began working as a hairdresser in the early 1820s, maintaining the hair of wealthy women of the city. She was a voodoo practitioner, called the "Voodoo Queen of New Orleans," and she used her connections to wealthy women to support her religious practice. She provided "help" to women who needed it for money, gifts and other favors.
Brushing and combing
Brushes and combs are used to organize and untangle the hair, encouraging all of the strands to lie in the same direction and removing debris such as lint, dandruff, or hairs that have already shed from their follicles but continue to cling to the other hairs. There are all manner of detangling tools available in a wide variety of price ranges. Combs come in all shapes and sizes and all manner of materials including plastics, wood, and horn. Similarly, brushes also come in all sizes and shapes, including various paddle shapes. Most benefit from using some form of a wide tooth comb for detangling. Most physicians advise against sharing hair care instruments like combs and clips, to prevent spreading hair conditions like dandruff and head lice.
Care of human or other natural hair wigs is similar to care of a normal head of hair in that the wig can be brushed, styled, and kept clean using haircare products. Synthetic wigs are usually made from a fine fiber that mimics human hair. This fiber can be made in almost any color and hairstyle, and is often glossier than human hair. However, this fiber is sensitive to heat and cannot be styled with flat irons or curling irons. There is a newer synthetic fiber that can take heat up to a certain temperature. Human hair wigs can be styled with heat, and they must be brushed only when dry. Syntheticand human hair wigs should be brushed dry before shampooing to remove tangles. To clean the wig, the wig should be dipped into a container with water and mild shampoo, then dipped in clear water and moved up and down to remove excess water. The wig must then be air dried naturally into its own hairstyle.Proper maintenance can make a human hair wig last for many years.
Contemporary hairstyles
Contemporary hairstyles Since the 1970s, women have worn their hair in a wide variety of fairly natural styles. In the nineteen-eighties women pulled back their hair with scrunchies, stretchy ponytail holders made from cloth over fabric bands. Women also often wear glittery ornaments today, as well as claw-style barrettes used to secure ponytails and other upswept or partially upswept hairstyles.Today, women and men can choose from a broad range of hairstyles, but they are still expected to wear their hair in ways that conform to gender norms: in much of the world, men with long hair and women whose hair doesn't appear carefully groomed may face various forms of discrimination, including harassment, social shaming or workplace discrimination.This is somewhat less true of African-American men, who wear their hair in a variety of styles that overlap with those of African-American women, including braids and cornrows fastened with rubber bands and dreadlocks.
Hairdressers today
Hairdressers today ccupationally, hairdressing is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations, at 20%. A state license is required for hairdressers to practice, with qualifications varying from state to state. Generally a person interested in hairdressing must have a high school diploma or GED, be 16 years of age, and have graduated from a state-licensed barber or cosmetology school. Full-time programs often last 9 months or more, leading to an associate degree. After students graduate from a program, they take a state licensing exam, which often consists of a written test, and a practical test of styling or an oral exam. Hairdressers must pay for licenses, and occasionally licenses must be renewed. Some states allow hairdressers to work without obtaining a new license, while others require a new license. About 44% of hairdressers are self-employed, often putting in 40-hour work weeks, and even longer among the self-employed. In 2008, 29% of hairstylists worked part-time, and 14% had variable schedules. As of 2008, people working as hairdressers totaled about 630,700, with a projected increase to 757,700 by 2018.
The role of paraffin bath
The role of paraffin bath A paraffin bath is a great way to relax, moisturize, and sooth your dry or arthritic hands, feet, ankles, wrists, elbows, and face. The warm paraffin wax helps soften your dry skin because the heat pulls moisture to your skin's surface, and the wax holds the moisture in so that it soothes and relaxes your skin, muscles, and joints. It leaves your skin feeling soft and looking youthful. Paraffin baths can also relive pain and stiffness from arthritis. The warm wax increases the blood flow and helps relax the muscles and joints.
Enjoy your nail art while you can ...
Enjoy your nail art while you can ... come spring, reaching for the nail polish remover will be en vogue Bejeweled, studded, netted, textured, clawed ... the nail designs of the last fashion week were just as intricate and intriguing as the pieces that came down the runways. Fast forward to September: I'm a full day and a half in and it's looking like the runways are recovering from last season's nail art overdose and going cold turkey for Spring 2014. At every show, I interview the lead artist for hair, makeup and nails. But at Richard Chai yesterday, nails were nowhere to be found. Then, one of the publicists told me there were "no nails" and apparently they had to scramble to find nail polish remover. Fortunately, one of the makeup artists had some in her kit, and they passed it around to all the girls to take off any polish from other shows. Then, at Marissa Webb, I spotted one lone manicurist in the back corner ... taking polish off, and that's it. Done. By the time I got to Jason Wu, the final nail was put in the coffin: I was informed that the models were indeed wearing some polish -- one coat of Lancôme clear topcoat. As the saying goes: three makes a trend. What do you think? Coincidence? Or has the nail art bubble finally burst?
Think you can't pull off a perfect loud lip?
Think you can't pull off a perfect loud lip? Follow our step-by-step guide to a bold, bright, beautiful lip I never liked the idea of my lips being a focal point or topic of conversation -- regardless of trends or whether I found the perfect match for my skin tone. I'm not on tour or walking a red carpet. I want people focusing on what I'm saying, not the shade on my lips. At least, that's what I always told myself. It felt more righteous than admitting I seriously lacked the skills to get that dramatic, perfect lip, and the thought of applying a bright, bold color freaked me out. Sure, I caved and added MAC's Riri Woo to my makeup collection, along with a bright shade from Aveda's Nourish-Mint Smoothing Lip Color line. But the truth is, I was afraid to set foot out of the bathroom with them on -- fear of clown mouth and having anything less than the flawless, smooth finish I see on the red carpet. I've attempted a bold lip countless times on my own, but inevitably, the daring swatch of color ends up on a wad of toilet paper.