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TAPE EXTENSIONS by Amazing Hair are a revolution in hair design.These are our biggest seller and guaranteed to inspire and transform your look. With proper care these tape extensions can be used over and over and are an affordable way to achieve endless styling possibilities. These extensions are secured by an extremely thin piece of material that features are specially developed double sided tape. Application is a simple as following these steps; 1/ Part your hair in areas you wish to apply the extensions 2/ Take a section (4cm wide) and hold the hair up 3/ Remove the backing from one side of the tape 4/ Place the extension on the hair (while ensuring that it it placed a minimum of 4mm from the scalp). Note that the sticky part must sit towards you. 5/ Drop the hair down and use a tail comb to bond the surfaces together. 6/ Take another piece, remove the backing of the tape and place on the top of the other section. It is very important that the two parts have been correctly placed on top of each other. 7/ Run a tail comb over the taped section to remove any air bubbles These tape extensions are easy to use and if applied securely will last 6-8 weeks. Using the correct type of shampoo and conditioner is critical. Any shampoo based on alcohol will cause the extension to slip out. Shampoo's and conditioners that contain protein must not be used as these will dry the hair. This range promises damage free, quick application, creates fullness and softness, can be re-used and most importantly - stress free on hair.

Amazing Hair only recommend to use MAKARIZO MK3 products displayed below to be used with Amazing Hair extensions.


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